Saturday, September 13, 2008

International Musician

September 12:

Sarah and Anna are here! I've been waiting a long time to meet Sarah. She is awesome! The similarities between she and Mandie are evident.

Mandie and I went downtown earlier to hang out and wonder about in the rain. Everyone was setting up for a fair and we found a guy selling waffles on sticks. I thought it was hilarious and had to have one just for the novelty. So there we were walking around downtown Solingen eating waffles on sticks. We went into a store to get some socks and the lady at the checkout counter thought we were German (I was not talking) and then Mandie tried to use her card to pay and the lady looked confused and asked if we were from England since the card was in English. She was surprised when we told her that we were from America and told us that we did not look like we were from America. I have also been told that my last name sounds very German. I think that we will fit in here nicely.

Later, after Anna and Sarah arrived on the train, we went back downtown for the fair. It was fun, there were bands covering American songs, techno with people talking over it on the microphone (in German of course), people selling items. I found a green Hohner soprano Melodica and I bought it for 4 Euros after a bit of haggling. This was very exciting for me! Actually, Hohner is a German company so I am keeping up with the running theme so far. While I was waiting for everyone outside of a building, I sat down and started playing it and low and behold, I made my first Euro! It was also my first time as a street performer!

September 13:

Plums! We sliced up 12 kilos of plums to make plum cakes, which sound delicious. We will be celebrating Anna's Birthday, and there will be lots of people over. I am excited. We walked to the French store (Sarah, Mandie, and I) but it was closed.

Mandie has a new post. The address again is It has pictures of everyone being silly! Mandie also seems to be very worried about the kitchen thing. I think that it will be much easier than she thinks it will be.

DHL delivered the tickets that I ordered today for International Battle of the Year! This is the final competition for breakdance teams from all over the world, and it is being hosted in Braunschweig, Germany. I have no doubt that the event will prove to be amazing.

Battle of the Year 2008

Also, check out the site for the 2008 documentary film Planet B-Boy

Fred, Regina, Anna, Mandie, and I went back downtown for more of the fair. We watched an outdoor comedy show where these guys dressed up and acted very silly. They pretended to be the Jackson Five, a magician and the lovely assistant, skydivers, and classical singers. It was hilarious! Everyone was laughing! Regina found a really old jacket (100+ years) that fit me surprisingly enough. It was a long overcoat looking jacket with a split back. We looked in the pockets and there was an old pack of Middle Eastern/Asian cigarettes that Fred told me had opium in them. I'm not sure if he was joking or not. The man selling it wanted way too much money for it so I ended up not buying the jacket. In the car on the way home, everyone was trying to get me to say this tongue twister that I couldn't get, because 1. I don't know the words, and 2. I seem to have trouble making the right sound. I need more practice!

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