Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Verstehen Sie Deutsch?

I started Language school on Monday. So far so good. I've learned a bunch of basic things, and have had the opportunity to practice with others on the same level as myself. In my class there are people from Italy, Spain, China, and the US (New York and L.A.). Aside from learning German I get to learn about these places and pick up phrases in other languages along with German. About a week ago, there was this three year old on the train who decided to teach me random words. This was right before I got caught without a ticket and kicked off the train. The ticket checkers (who are super sneaky, dressed in civilian clothing and boarding the trains all nonchalantly as if they were just passengers, until the doors close) just charged a fine and gave us a 2 hour pass. Today on the Metro, a lady started talking to me and I tried to keep up with the little German that I know. I remained in the dark for most of the conversation. I was doing my homework and she asked if she could see it. Upon giving her my note pad, she proceeded to complete my homework for me as well as going over the parts that I completed myself, making corrections where needed. I picked up a German/English dictionary from a bookshop on our street and have initiated the process of reseting the language portion of my brain.

It has been snowing off and on since last Friday. Light dustings really, nothing serious. The other night while watching the show from the window overlooking our courtyard, there was a flash and a crack of thunder. Wondering if it were really possible for snow and thunderstorms to happen simultaneously we turned to the internet for answers and discovered that Thundersnow, is actually an uncommon phenomenon. All the Italians and the guy from L.A. Find Berlin Freezing as they are rather used to warmer climates. I myself got rather used to the winters in Boone. I've been told there has been snow there also. Anyways, aside from uncommon phenomenon, the weather is a rather boring topic.

The sun here rises around 8am and sets at 4pm in Germany. On the winter solstice it will rise at exactly 8:15 and set at 3:54 for a grand total of 7hours and 39minuts of daylight. This is yet another aspect that I overlooked about changing Latitude. I can be a creature of the dark, at least until summer rolls around. Then the days will be extra long.

On the apartment hunt: We have looked at several places finding mostly combinations of small and expensive; however, a really awesome Italian guy we met wants us to take over the contract to his place which is affordable and rather large. Hopefully this will workout and we will be able to move in within a few weeks. Although the area is not in the middle of a trendy part of town, there is a subway stop on the street that will get us to wherever we need to go in Berlin. This man was really nice, he took us into his kitchen and made us Italian coffee and served bread with Italian olive oil. He taught us which noodles were the best ones to buy from the stores and invited us this weekend to where he works for a tasting of fine Italian wines. Viva Italia!

Accordions rock!

I'll try and get some pictures up sometime soon to interrupt these boring text fields.


lisa said...

im about to go to the lab to look up even more information about studying in germany for a year! i dont have enough credits at NCState to apply to the school of design (3 short!) so i think that leaves me with trying to add a computer science minor, which means that the science school they have in Berlin may work out to be a perfect fit :)
hope i get to see you guys soon! auf wiedersehen!

Phil said...

Awesome! Good luck getting into the program. It would be awesome to hang out with you in Berlin. Let me know how it works out!