Sunday, November 16, 2008

We did it!

We are now officially living in Berlin! Through a series of emails and phone calls, we managed to strike a deal with a girl to live in her apartment for one month while she is on vacation in Bangkok. In this time we will be actively searching for an apartment of our own in the city. Our new base of operations is in East Berlin. We arrived yesterday and walked about the area. There are lots of abandoned lots and buildings around. Most of them are for sale. I thought it would be fun to buy one and fix it up. The area is nice. There are restaurants and grocery store within walking distance. We looked at all the movies in a video rental shop with titles and covers that are different than the ones in America. I also made mental note of an instrument shop that was closed for the weekend. It is getting cold here, about 5C today. I am very excited to finally be in the city!

In other news, we recently spent about two weeks in the sates. Mandie was the maid of honer in her friend's wedding. Congratulations to Allie and Joe who are now happily married! We had fun hanging out with everyone. Many thanks to the Behnings for putting up with us and giving us a place to stay, and Dana for helping us get back to Germany. 1st class flights are very nice! I managed to pick up a Korg MS-2000B, a 44 key virtual analog modeling synthesizer/vocoder, while we were stateside. Click the link to see a photo. It makes fantastic noises! It was quite a task getting it here, but worth the trouble. I cracked open the Moog while in the states, but had no luck getting it to work properly. It will be a project to continue in the future.

The next month will consist of several important task and events. Mandie still has some job interviews lined up in the upcoming weeks. School will start soon for myself. Within a month we should have our own apartment setup. We have all sorts of ideas for future things, so it will be fun to see what happens. I hope that everyone is doing well. We miss you all!

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