Sunday, March 29, 2009

We are ghost!

I missed the G-20 protest here in Berlin yesterday. Saturday was a day of recovery. The previous night we went to a party which featured a live electronic set. By the time we left the sun was up which meant it was time for sleeping. That is just how it works here in Berlin. Most parties and shows don't even start till after midnight. The live set didn't even go on till 4. The club was inside this old mansion tucked away in some hidden lot. Lots of fun! It looks like the G-20 protest had major turnouts in London, Berlin, and Frankfurt Thousands of people marched here in Berlin. Check out this Deutsch Welle link to read a story about the protest.

Mandie and I have been attending gallery openings lately around the city. We have met many artist and people involved in the art scene of Berlin. We are working to establish ourselves as an artist duo, working collaborativly with seperate yet collaborative pieces. We are currently working on a project that should have some promising results after a month or two. There will be more information as our Berlin debut nears. Oh yeah, that is a view of our street from our living room.
Check out some of these artist:

Charlie Isoe
Katherine Jones
Just a few of course, there are many!

Our appartment is shaping up nicely. We have managed to get a few furniture pieces. Some desk and wardrobes make up the bulk of it. Now our stuff tends to be mostly out of the floor. We have been on an X-Files kick lately, watching episodes on the laptop. It is so much fun to revisit Scully and Mulder's investigations and search for the truth. Always remember, the truth is out there.

I am still in language school. I have since the beginning moved up to the advanced beginner level, and am almost up to the B1 level. The levels are starting at the basic and going to the advances, A1, A2, B1, B2, and C. At C you are essentially reading literature and holding discussions on art, philosophy, and culture. Right now, I am able to hold basic conversations. I tried to describe audio sampling to my class last week in German, and it was very difficult. The idea is to try to describe the more complex concepts or ideas with the words you already know. It is a tricky and fascinating process. I've been taking piano lessons in an attempt to learn how to read music. I've also been working on some blues guitar.

There is still so much to discover in this city. I have started seeing hints of springtime which means that the city will become more active. As soon as it gets warm enough to hang out outside I want to start exploring more than I have been lately. I have heard of a place called Teufelsberg (literally devil's mountain) which a massive pile of rubble from the old city before the war. I imagine that it would have a certain eerie vibe. There is a park here called Volkspark Humbolthain that I've been to a few times. In the center there is what is left of one of three flak towers that Hitler had built during the war. You can climb on top of it for a panoramic view of the city. Apparently there is a large bunker underneath it that can be explored in the warmer months. In the winter it is closed, because it is a vast cave doubling as a home to thousands of bats! There are other vantage points in the city, a few weeks ago I found myself at the top of Victoria Park in Kreuzberg. It too is one of the several places you can catch a view in the city. We spent a day at the zoo about a month back. The Eisbar in the picture is the famed Knut (pronounced kuh-noot). He was napping when we saw him, but his friends were dancing.

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