Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glitch Rock

So I'm headed out to Amsterdam this evening. I figured I would write a quick post to cover a few things before i come back with new stories.

I have been fiendishly working away with small electronics projects. I am awful at soldering, but I think with time I will improve. I worked up the nerve to break apart a CRT Monitor to salvage some components. It was a good source of caps, resistors, small push button switches, transistors, and even a few trimmers and relays. CRTs, in case you do not know, are very dangerous to work with and can maintain charges of hundreds of volts withing some of the capacitors for a very long time even after they have been disconnected. I DO NOT recommend working with them unless you know what you are doing. I certainly am not going to make a habit out of taking them apart.

I have put together a stutter box. It is simply a box which allows you to switch between a bypass and stutter effect. The stutter effect is such so that when you press the button it allows sound (mono) to pass through until the button is released. It also has little indicator light. I have hooked it up to various things such as my synth and mp3 player, and it has proven to be lots of fun! I am currently working on my first IC project in hopes to come out with some sort of oscillator. The other night I was playing around and somehow wired up a circuit that made sound whenever you got within about three inches from the jumble of wires. I have no idea how I did it or how it worked, but it is a promising sign.

I have seen two bands recently. The first was a group called Holy Fuck. They are an electro rock outfit who use a lot of lofi electronic gadgets along with drums and bass. They used a 35mm film syncronizer to make some sounds, a very unorthodox and fascinating effect. Lots of fun! It looks like after they finish up in England they are headed to the states for a tour.

Last week I went to see 65 Days of Static, an instrumental post rock group with a heavy electronic element. I have been wanting to see them for a long time and finally got the chance. I would reccomend both Holy Fuck and 65 Days of Static to anyone. I used to listen to 65 a lot in my car, so whenever I hear their music it reminds me of late-night drives or aimless trips with the wind rushing in through the windows.

I ate a pizza the other day that had noodles on top! Whoever had the idea to use noodles as a topping was brilliant! The next time you make a pizza, give it a shot!

Ok, I was going to put up some pictures, but it appears that the camera is packed up. I'll post pics next week relating to this post and of Amsterdam. Until then!

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