Thursday, August 20, 2009

Space is Potent

Hello everyone! It has been a while I know. So, lets go on with the show:

We had a rather extended visit from Mandie's mother and sister. A summer tour-de-force if you will. We saw so much of the city, and still so little. We saw the city from various viewpoints, including from the iconic Fernsehturm in Alexander Platz. All sorts of museums, castles, gardens, shops, and other exciting settings were enjoyed. Picnics were had by lakes, an unimaginable amount of stairs were climbed, and in the downtime there were some intense Scrabble matches. Mandie's mother took an interest in the history of the GDR and the Berlin Wall. She also found all of Berlin's graffitti to be fascinating, and I was able to put together a makeshift graffitti tour for her. All in all, there are almost too many exciting things to even begin listing here. I believe that there are photos of many of them on Mandie's Picasa page (Mandie's mom took well over 1000 pictures making her stay a very well documented two weeks). The four of us hopped on a train and went to Solingen for a weekend with the Brückner Family (sans Sarah since she was still out in a worldly adventure). We had delicious food, delightful conversations, and took wonderful day trips. We went to Schlossberg and spent a day exploring the castle, and another day was spent in Cologne where we went to the Chocolate Museum and the Kölner Dom.

This past weekend, Mandie and I went with some German friends of ours, Anna, Betinna, Corinna, and Reinhard, to Neuzelle. This small town is in the Brandenburg region of Germany right on the border of Poland. We toured the Monastary, making sure to see the paintings and Baroque decor of both the large and small cathedrals. Very fancy and elaborate with spiraling marble columns and great alabaster statues with gold triming all sorts of very literal dipictions of scenes from the Bible. We went into the innermost courtyard where the monks once went to seek complete solitude from the outside world. They never suspected that oneday their precious courtyard would be open to the public. We walked about the gardens and had a splended picnic lunch in the most wonderful place. It was at the edge of a field where some trees provided us with shade from the midday sun. Then it opened out into vast fields and medows under an azure sky. In the distance you could see a line of trees where the river was. This was Poland. Before heading home that day, we stopped by the Neuzelle Brewery and bought some cold beers which we took to the lakeside and enjoyed. I had a Neuzelle Porter which I have to say I liked.

The following evening I met up with Reinhard for a Deerhunter and Black Lips show. I must say that I enjoyed Deerhunter much more than the Black Lips. I found the ambient postpunk sounds much more to my liking. The Black Lips I found to be almost annoying, but hey, that is just me. We had a great time and had a drink together while on our late weeknight bus adventure. I ended up meeting my friend Laura after the show at a place in Mitte where she was DJing. I got to hear a more electronic side of her eclectic music selections. It was a good evening.

I finally managed to find a store called Audio Palace that helped me to obtain a new adapter for my mixer. I was very excited that they were willing to make an order from a spare parts list. I had already been turned away by other shops who said they could not help me. Now I can get back into music making more so than before! I already have an electronic spread on my corner desk. Still routing and working on all my levels and whatnot, but that is just a fun beginning to more fun. This is just one of my many projects I've got layed out. Looking around the room right now I see, a yamaha keyboard layed out with its guts exposed waiting on a repair, 60 swanfeathers waiting to be cured, a new drawing block I got so I can sketch out some other ideas I have, some watercolors which I thought I would try my hand at, and a mixer I built that is still lying there with all of its exposed parts (a lot of naked electronics around here). Who knows where any of this will go or what direction it will take me.

I am still looking for some employment. I have recently managed to work up a German resume (vielen dank Fred!) which I hope will bring me more luck than my English one has. I've mostly gotten "you are qualified for this position, but we regretfully cannot hire you at this time" responses. So I've set out this week with new and improved bait in hopes to lure an employer. If anyone has any ideas, let me know! In the meantime I'm housesitting while it is vacation season.

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