Thursday, November 5, 2009


It has been some time since an update here on my little keep-everyone-updated-on-what-I've-been-up-to blog (don't take it personal). No worries, I've been keeping myself busy (not that anyone would be worried about that). We have had several wonderful visitors recently, including Sarah and Rene (back from their exciting world travels) and Kyle (Mandie's former roommate and good friend). It has been lots of fun hanging out with friends and showing them around the city where we live.

Oh, before I forget, it snowed this week! It was the first snow of the year. Pretty, but it did not last very long.

So, most (but not all) of what I'm gong to mention from now on will be music related in some way or another. If this is not your thing, navigate away from this page immediately! You have been warned.

I have been to three noteworthy shows recently. The first was a band called Fuck Buttons. They blend lo-fi synth sounds with primal rhythms and distorted crescendoing lyrics. They played an exciting set which included their new single Surf Solar. The second show was an Icelandic composer and cellist named Hildur Guðnadóttir. She played beautiful experimental cello tracks that were complemented with loops and subtle effects. The third of the three was Themselves, consisting of Doseone and Jel, Hailing from the Anticon collective. The put on an energetic performance full of live sampling, super fast raps, and freestyles when the moments were right (and they were often right).

We threw a Halloween party! (click here to see the flyer/poster) It was held at a bar called Supersonic which we managed to pack with people. I was the DJ for the evening. I blew the house amp and had to play out of a shitty pair of speakers which left me with horrible sound for about thirty minutes. After the owner realized that the amp would not recover, he installed an old amp he had stashed away in the basement. Once the sound was back, everything went smooth. People were dancing, and buying lots of drinks. This pleased the owner enough to invite me back!

I have a shiny new silver bike! It was a Birthday gift from Fred, Regina, Sarah, Rene, Mandie and Olaf. Thanks everyone for thinking of me and searching high and low to find the perfect bike! I can't wait for a nice day to take it for a ride around town. As of now, it is just too cold and wet. I also have a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle which is spread out over the coffee table. I'm shooting for the end of the month as a finish date.

Speaking of birthdays, Mandie and I both had ours in October. For Mandie's, we met up in a park after she got off work. I got there early and collected a large pile of chestnuts for her. We went to a Japanese restaurant which has her favorite udon noodles. I made her a tiny robotic insect and a circuit bent noisemaker. For my birthday we had fettuccine alfredo and peach cobbler. Mandie made me two games, Owbat and Like Scattagories. On the weekend, we went to a bar with friends and had drinks and played electronic mensch ärgere dich nicht.

I have managed to fix my Korg Poly-800! I took it completely apart and after some inspection, discovered a bad capacitor. I replaced it and full power was restored to the synth; however, I found that after being dead for so long, the memory was blank. I thought I was going to have to program every setting (64 patches with 50 parameters each = 3200 settings to program), but with some internet hunting I found a wav file with the memory data. Upon finding this, I got to experience working with magnetic tape mermoy (not including recording and playing music on cassette tapes). I found this to be really cool in comparison to the flash based world we live in today. It obviously is not as convenient, but it has that substantial feel of using an old typewriter instead your laptop.

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