Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Happy twenty-ten everyone!

This year, the blog is going to go little differently. My readership is slipping so I'm going to begin a more minimal approach, or at least shorter entries over all, to the blog. Don't worry if you happen to be a regular reader! A minimal approach means that I'm likely to post more often and include more focused and interesting updates. If I sense that readership starts picking up, then I will consider more intricate entries. Don't forget that it is easy to post comments or questions, to become a follower of the blog if interested, or to subscribe with RSS feeds. Also keep in mind, that there are links, in the menu to the top right of this page, that will lead you to Mandie's picasa photo album where you will find photos of us on adventures, and Mandie's blog. I wish everyone the best in the new year. Remember, that we are living in the future. Embrace it!

Sincere thanks to the Bruckner family, our friends, and families, for a wonderful holiday season! We spent Christmas in three western German towns eating delicious food, singing songs, and spending time with warm and cheerful friends. For New Years, we attended an excellent house party with several friends. There were djs, and lots of fireworks. A friend and I hopped in the snow with no shoes, and effigies of the old year were burnt in the fire. I believe this year will be a good one.

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