Friday, February 5, 2010

I have. . .

I have been sick all week with the flu. I've been pumping myself full of all things healthy and resting, so I should be back to good health in no time.

I have resumed courses in a different language school. The school, Babylonia, is pretty rad, the teachers are cool and know what they are doing, but I just do not like language courses. They don't do it for me personally. I find the classes terribly boring, and feel that there have to be other ways in which I could learn in a more efficient manner. Despite this, I have improved a great deal. Some grammar details that I had forgotten since last summer are coming back to me, and I am able to talk to people much easier than I could before.

I have been to six job centers/staffing agencies with none to very minimal luck. However, I had a meeting today in which I was given a list of very useful resources which I can utilize in my search for employment. Also got some better tips on how to write my letters the German way! I have to admit that the language barrier mixed with the current economy and the fact that Berlin's unemployment rate is double that of the country has made it rather difficult for me to find anything other than odd-jobs. I have a feeling though that I am about to have better luck.

I have a new soundcard of the very tiny and cheap usb variety. This means that I have two separate sound outputs on my laptop, one to the mixer and one to my headphones. Anyone see where I'm going with this?

I now have an urge to go take a nap.

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