Sunday, April 11, 2010

Explosive Easter Eggs!

Easter came up this year without me even realizing, at least not till we were on a train headed north to Rendsburg for a few days. Berlin is finally warming up and amidst projects and general leben, some cool things have happened since my last post.

Anna visited us for part of her vacation from teaching. Berlin was so nice that we even got to have a nap in Victoria park! While we weren't lounging around, we checked out some of the various galleries in Tachles and had a filling lunch in the courtyard there, explored the Turkish market, walked by Lake Tegel, and saw a very cool photography exhibition of works in the C/O Gallery (located in the old Berlin post office) from a photographer who lived in the GDR by the name of Roger Melis. The Melis collection consisted of pictures from both the GDR and various cities around the world, mostly focusing on common people. There was also a very cool exhibition in the same gallery with a photo collection by Giorgia Fiorio. It consisted of high contrast images of religious rituals from around the world and was very fascinating.

As I mentioned, we went to Rendsburg to spend Easter with Sarah and René. They have a very cute little house with a beautiful garden. I got to split firewood out in the garden which is one of my favorite things to do. René's parents came for a few days as well. They are wonderful people! Our first evening, we took a walk by the Kiel Canal. We got to see the huge railway bridge, which we rode across going there and back, which at 2500 meters is the longest railway bridge in the world. We also rode the escalators up and down the entrance of the pedestrian tunnel that goes under the canal, which is for sure the longest escalator I've ever seen. The six of us took a drive up to Flensburg the next day to walk by the Flensburg Fjord and about the town, stopping by the Cathedral. The Cathedral had an amazing wooden carving in the front, and had lots of interesting sculpture work and painting. I also came across what we believed to be a celesta, which of course I fell in love with. On our way back, we made a stop to see the shore of the Baltic Sea. Back in Rendsburg we had an evening of board games. The following day René's parents left after breakfast. We went to the Easter bonfire in the town center that evening. It looked very cool with the railway bridge in the background. We walked about a bit and made it back in time to see the fire department putting out the fire which looked much more intense than it really was in the huge cloud of smoke and steam. The following day was a relaxing day which included a walk around the center part of Rendsburg, music, painting, small-scale basement and kitchen handy-work, and naps. Our time in Rendsburg was an excellent break from Berlin, and lots of fun!

Our way home started off with a rush to the station. We stopped in Hamburg for what Mandie mistook as a one and a half hour layover. We missed our train, but got to have an excellent Thai lunch. Actually missing our train worked out for the best, because the next train we caught was completely unreserved and nonstop to Berlin. Once we got back we both had to rush out to work, but there is one interesting thing to note. There were announcements that they had found a bomb in Ostkreuz which is one of the bigger connecting stations in Berlin. Later I found out that it was a 250kg bomb from WWII that had never went off. I and countless others have walked past it many many times. It is fairly common in Berlin for bombs to be found, in fact, this past Wednesday, the Tegel airport was shutdown for two hours after they bumped across a bomb during some construction digging.

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