Friday, June 18, 2010

Sound Attack!

I have finished a track for the demo reel for Pixelfab Studios. Check out the website and the reel will be the first thing that loads. After the reel, peruse the site a bit. There is some excellent talent within, as well as some photos of me from a few years back.

Great news, and perhaps this should go out as an unofficial leak: Daniel Robinette has written a second novel. Currently I am reviewing the manuscript. I am very excited and have a feeling that this one will be even bigger than his first!

Last week, I booked some time in a practice space, set up a recording rig and recorded some drum tracks. I hope to have these slip into a project in the near future.

Mandie and our friend April have had a stand at the Mauerpark flea market the past two Sundays. Mandie used the opportunity to sell some of her handmade jewlery, clothes, bags, cards, and other fun stuff. I hung out both time in the stand, as well as perused the market for interesting things. From the two days, I have come across 5 cassette players that I am going to use for parts for, what I am calling for now, the Tape Machine. I also purchased for very cheap, a sound toy called the Sound Attacker. It is a very obnoxious black box with buttons that produces a series of electronic sounds that are meant to resemble weapon sounds. I couldn't resist, and aside from the great sounds it already makes, I've already been able to hack in a pitch shift and line out which allows for effects and amplification. Check out the samples below:

Sound Attacker by Renset

On Wednesday, Mandie managed to fall with her bike while climbing the stairs in the U-bahn. She was on her way to work as she lost balance, and ended up with a cut on her head. I ended up meeting her in the emergency room where they checked her head and eyes. The blood and attention from people in the station really freaked her out on top of being a bit dizzy from the bump on the head. She is OK, and has a great battle scar over her left eye. She got to take the rest of the day off from work and we had sushi for lunch, went to a junk store where we found some cool old books and a stereo with a TV in it, and then laid in the grass in Tiergarten.

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